Hello wonderful families,


If you are interested in working from home on kinder skills here are a few sights that you can use. The following are all great ways to stay sharp and keep practicing skills they have JUST learned. Phonograms we are going to be covering are a-z ee, ea, ck, ar, ch, sh, wh, th, qu, oo, oa, ow, ay, ai, ir, er, ur

  • Creating words with the phonograms taught and practice reading and writing those words as well as the rainbow sight words.(put them in eggs and hide around the house)
  • Continue having them create and write sentences and even stories.
  • Journal writing each day is a fun way to continue writing practice.
  • Reading each day
  • Addition and Subtraction practice (create real-world word problems and have them solve/ using dice, dominos, and playing cards are another fun way to practice)

Resources to use at HOME

Academics and Educational Resources:

All curriculum materials being available online, we have developed an Online Resources website, where you can find various resources to help your child keep up with academics. This can be found under the “Students” tab on our district website, www.LaveenSchools.org.

Please remember that your child will need to log in to our curriculum platforms in order to access the material. If you do not have your child’s login information, please contact me and I can provide it to you. One single sign-on through Google gives students access to all of our digital curriculum programs  Watch this video for details on logging in.

Please be aware that all Laveen schools have strict internet filtering when a student connects from our server. Once you use your personal device, this filter is not available. Please monitor your child’s internet usage as they will be able to explore whatever sites your home computer allows. Be sure to watch this informational video, also on the website, for parents on how to filter home internet, Internet Filters to Keep Kids Safe Online

Internet Connectivity

If you do not have wi-fi or are unable to access the internet at home, Cox Communications is offering one free month of internet access to qualifying low-income families through their Connect2Compete program. T-Mobile is also offering an EmpowerED data plan.



Spalding Videos (Letters and Sounds)

Math Subitizing Videos: