Science is all around you!  In science class, we will learn how to think like a scientist.  We will explore the nature and composition of matter, Newton’s three laws of motion, and how living things interact with their environment.

Science teaches us how to become effective problem-solvers in real-world situations.  Therefore, as we learn science, we will identify how it applies to our lives.  In addition to reading and discussing science content, we will design and carry out meaningful activities and draw conclusions based on our experiences.



Homework will be limited to the completion of labs and at-home projects. Work given in class is expected to be completed by the end of class for credit. 


Major Grades Daily Grades

Assessments  (Quizzes and Tests)

60% Daily work 40%

Major grades consist of tests, quizzes, projects, current events, and laboratory activities that require the student to use multiple science skills or take several days.  They make up 60% of the total grade.  Daily grades are given to assignments that are less involved or are completed entirely within one class period. They include reviews, science starters, homework, and participation and make up 40% of the total grade.