Good Morning,

    I hope you and your family enjoyed a relaxing Spring Break! We are entering the 4th quarter today and we have a lot of preparation for state testing over the next few weeks!
APTT: Please join us tonight for APTT at 5:00 in the gym! We will be presenting Benchmark 3 awards, discussing our Fractions post test results and handing out extra practice that can be completed at home!
Report Cards: These will be sent on Friday but please log into Parent Vue or Student Vue until then if you’d like to see how your student performed in the 3rd quarter. Keep in mind, your student’s Galileo scores and report card grades should nearly match. We are standards based grading therefore what I assess in the classroom is also assessed on Galileo!
Science Fair: I hope you had a chance to get started on your Science Fair Projects over break. Here is the timeline again as well as tips!
  • Class Science Fair-FRIDAY, APRIL 19th
  • School Science Fair (Grade level winners participate)-THURSDAY, APRIL 25th.
    • You should be completing more than 1 trial for the project. Think of it as “best out of 3.” This will get you the best results.
    • Most of your experiment will be keeping EVERYTHING the same except changing one variable. For example: If you are testing what corrodes pennies quickest, you are changing the type of liquid the pennies are being soaked in. You will be keeping the amount of liquid the same, the time spent in the liquid the same and etc.
    • The students brought home a project packet to assist and guide you through the process. Please use this as a notes sheet and way to document the experiment.
    • Tri-fold board: It is science fair season therefore the tri-fold boards will be easy to find. We request this board because should your student be chosen, they would need to present this as the school science fair and perhaps the district science fair. The board should be able to stand on it’s own.
    • Take photos! You can add this to your board to enhance the presentation
    • Keep the experiment to present with! If you are using cups, pennies, plants, those items can be brought in. If your experiment is the kool aid one, the photos will be your best bet!
    Please let me know if you have any further questions about the Science Fair!
Yearbooks: Yearbook- Deadline March 25th
This year Paseo Pointe is only offering a pre-sale for the 2018-2019 yearbook.  The yearbook order deadline is quickly approaching! Please visit the link below to purchase! 
School Code: 13165119
Enjoy the rest of your week!