Good Evening,

   Please take a moment to review the following information:
Nightly Math Homework: Students are reminded daily about their fractions Math homework that must be completed by Friday. We had about 80% of our class turn in our last assignment and we are really pushing for 100%.
AzMerit Donations: Before each assessment, I like to leave the students a note and a treat to get them pumped up and ready. As you can imagine, providing 30 snacks over a 7 day period can become costly. I am attaching a link and if you are able to assist with donations, I would greatly appreciate it!
Click this link to go to our invitation page on
Science Homework: Students were sent home with Science homework last night per my lesson plans for the guest teacher. Their job was to read the Buckle Down #7 Review and answer questions which were due TODAY. Unfortunately, many students did not take this seriously and their work did not get done correctly or turned in. I went through and told each student what they owed me and hopefully their assignment is returned tomorrow. Please touch base with your student to be sure they did what was expected of them!
Field Trip & Chaperones: We will be going to the Arizona Science Center on Monday, April 29th! Due to my absence yesterday and the catch up day today, I failed to sent home the permission slips. These will be coming home TOMORROW and are due back by Wednesday, April 24th. The field trip is FREE of charge. I am looking for 6 parent Chaperones for this trip. If you are interested, please respond to this e-mail. FIRST COME, FIRST CHAPERONE! 
As a reminder, field trip are a privilege and behavior is taken into consideration. We want our students to enjoy their time and R.I.S.E to Success both on and off campus. 
Enjoy the rest of your week and continue working on your SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS!