Dear Parents,

March is here!  This means it is time for a new monthly expectation focus.  We have already enforced RESPONSIBILITY and INTEGRITY. Following our R.I.S.E. expectation, our next focus will be SAFE.   It is important that everyone at Paseo is safe, both physically and emotionally. We want school to be a place where everyone feels safe.  Read below for each week’s emphasis and ways to support your child at home.

Week 1 – Keep hands, feet, and items to yourself.

At school:  Keep our hands, feet, and items to ourselves respects other people’s boundaries and space. This includes rough playing at recess.

At home: State clear expectations for how to use toys and other items around the house.  Also set clear expectations for how to use safe touches when playing. Example: When we tag, we can use a butterfly touch.

Week 2 – Speak kindly to each other.

At school: Use words that are going to show respect for those around you and are encouraging to your classmates.

At Home: Model speaking to your children the way you want them to speak to you and others.  If you hear something unkind, provide an alternative way to say what they want to communicate. Example: Instead of “Stop doing that.  You’re so annoying.” Try “When you do that it is hard for me to concentrate.”

Week 3 – Respond appropriately to others

At school:  Use “I messages” to let others know how you are feeling instead of yelling or hitting.  This is important when you are speaking to adults and other classmates.

At home: Practice using “I messages” at home to solve conflicts between siblings.  Example “I don’t feel like you are respecting me when you take my things without asking.  Can you please ask first.”

Week 4 – Tell an adult when something or someone is not safe

At school:  If a student or someone on campus is making unsafe choices, let a trusted adult know.

At Home: Teach the difference between tattling (snitching) and informing.  Tattling is when you want someone to get in trouble. Informing is when you are concerned about someone’s safety.

These expectations will be emphasized all month long and it will also be the guidelines in which students earn the recognition of “Student of the Month.”

Thank you for our continued partnership in teaching our students to be their very best and keeping our campus SAFE!