For Students: What is Giftedness?

If you are identified gifted, you may ask:

  • Does this mean I’m really smarter than the other kids?
  •  Will they see me as different/better/weirder?
  •  Will I have to live up to even MORE expectations from my parents and teachers?
  •  What if I don’t want to be  gifted  anymore?

Gifted is just a word. It doesn’t mean someone is better than someone else.  It is a very fortunate thing when something comes easily to someone. But it does not make them better than anyone else. People are special for all kinds of wonderful reasons. Being gifted does not make someone any more special than the next person.

Gifted is a word given to kids who have different learning needs.  You may learn faster, memorize quicker, and think differently than others your age. You may even like to be with other kids or adults because they understand you better.
You were found to be “gifted” because of some tests you took. You are either gifted in verbal (words), quantitative (math), or non-verbal (puzzles.)  You have your subjects in school that come really easily to you, and have interests that you love.  But you still need to work hard in those areas that are not easy for you

Giftedness is something that is a part of you, just like your eye color or height. It doesn’t come from how hard you work in school, and will not go away.If you work hard, you can achieve a lot. If you don’t, you will lose out on the opportunities your abilities have given you. Just like you can decide what clothes you wear or what haircut you get, only YOU can decide how to use your abilities.

Gifted children sometimes feel they are different from other kids. Even if you like how easy school is, it can be uncomfortable when you feel like you are different from a lot of the other kids in your class. It’s normal to feel this way. Teachers can help you find things you do have in common with some of the other kids or help you find outside activities that school does not offer.