Teacher Bio

About Me

My name is Shelby Bradshaw and while I am many things, being a teacher is what I am the proudest of. Through teaching, I help empower my students to make the world a better place. I practice the “Love and Logic” approach to behavior and understand that meaningful, problem-solving conversations help children to understand and do better when faced with conflict. Last year I received the “Talent Scout” award for my ability to find the best in each child and I strongly believe that every child has something unique and wonderful to offer. I understand the power of positive relationships in school and my goal by the end of each year is to have every student leaving thinking that they were my favorite student.


Education and Experience

Before graduating from Northern Arizona University with my bachelor’s in ECE in 2015, I spent time at The University of Nevada at Reno majoring in psychology. During both school journeys, I taught preschool in accredited schools and I have a life long love for our littlest learners. I spent a semester in the Phoenix School District teaching music a long term substitute and my love of music still comes out in my general education classroom! I then moved on to teaching first grade at Trailside Point Elementary School where I was for four years before moving to EFGA to teach third grade.