Classroom Schedule and Curriculum Information: Science

Science is a critical and state tested subject that also incorporates the student’s reading ability when solving real world contextual problems.  Units of study include:  Concepts of Matter, Our Solar System, and Earth’s Ecosystems.

Science is an essential part of a child’s education.  Understanding the units of study presently help to understand scientific issues in the future.  The following list includes elements typical lesson framework:

  • Internet research on an aspect of the lesson to follow
  • Note taking, including vocabulary with discussion of key points and background
  • note review, teacher read aloud for decoding and point clarification
  • team approach to lesson’s “essential question”
  • partner reading and critical thinking question

Your questions about our curriculum and input are always welcome.  Please feel free to message or call anytime.

Homeroom Daily Schedule:

815-945     Science with Mr. Shepard

945-1025     Specials

1025-1155   History and Social Sciences with Mr. Plavic

1155-1235   Lunch

1235-200   Math with Ms. Balsie

200-330    ELA with Ms. Harris