Dear Parents and Students,

My name is Mark Shepard and I teach Grade 6 Science.  I consider it a wonderful opportunity to teach science to your child.

In order to promote a positive learning environment, the following R.A.C.E. belief and practices will apply in our classrooms.


R – Responsible

A – Accountable

C – Committed to a Safe School

E – Engaged

Please feel free to contact me via email or phone below and thank you in advance for the opportunity to educate your child.

Direct – 602 237 9120 extension 3246  Rm D105

email – mshepard@laveeneld.org.

The contact information for the other 6th grade team members is as follows:

Mrs. Harris (ELA): ext. 33247,    Rm. D106

Mr. Plavic (History and Social Science): ext. 3248     Rm. D107

Mrs. Balsie (Math): ext. 3249     Rm. D108


Mr. Shepard and the Sixth Grade Team