Good Afternoon!

I want to start this email with, I miss you tremendously.

I am sure you have questions for me. Hopefully I can cover some of them in this email. Currently our concert has been cancelled due to the fact that it was scheduled at the same time the schools have been shut down. With that being said, I do want to continue to plan on having a performance before the end of the year when we return. It’s ok, do not stress about that now. I definitely want you to keep playing though. I know I always feel better after I have a chance to play my instrument. It is a nice way to get away from other worries. For now just go through and review the songs we were working on before break. If you want, record yourself playing and  send it to me. If you want help, I can tell you how to fix something you are struggling to play, or just brighten my day by sending a video of you playing ANYTHING. I am here for you and we will get through this time together!
I am here if you need anything. Have a good day and make good choices.

Michelle Phillips

Band Director
Paseo Pointe K-8
602-304-2040 ext 3886
Trailside Point K-8
602-605-8540 ext 3580