My Teaching Philosophy

I believe in a learning environment in which expectations and rules are consistent and a learning environment where children feel safe and supported by both their teachers and family.  You are your child’s first teacher.  Therefore, I believe in working closely together to ensure that your child reaches their full academic and social potential.  Students will strive to work together as a team to support and encourage one another. Providing this comforting environment, online or in-person, invites children the desire to learn and to care about the welfare of their classmates as well as themselves.  I strongly believe that every child can and will learn.  Children learn through many different styles, therefore, it is essential that I teach using a variety of methods to reach all children and their needs.  I believe in offering engaging learning opportunities that foster self-confidence, independence and opportunities that will prepare our children to become an effective member of society so they can make a lasting impact on our world.