STING Calendar

Reflection is an important part of the learning process. It allows students to take ownership for their choices/ learning and gives them the opportunity to think critically about those choices.  Students will be asked to reflect on their day by choosing 2 STING characteristics that they feel they displayed each day. They will use the STING matrix to show their personal celebrations.

The STING Calendar is a wonderful tool to use when asking your child about their day.

For example, if you see they wrote down a 1 for being Solution Driven and being prepared and ready to learn, you can ask them how they showed they were ready to learn today!

If your child struggled with displaying STING, then I will make note of it on the back of their calendar as an Improvement. This can help direct your conversation with them at home about how to make better choices.

The STING matrix will be permanently kept in their binders for easy reference.  STING Calendars are to be checked and initialed in each box each night.