Welcome to the Estrella Foothills Global Academy Music Program! You are now part of an organization with a long-standing tradition of excellence that is now your duty to uphold. You have seized an amazing opportunity for your personal growth that will develop your personal leadership skills through the study of music performance. Challenging oneself by adopting an attitude of constant self-improvement, service to organization, and persistence toward group and personal goals will continue to reward you throughout your life. The choice to be in music is one of the most exceptional commitments you will ever make. There is no equivalent or comparable experience to participating in music. You will be joining a performing ensemble that delves deep into the art of music. We will explore the immensely intricate and intellectual challenges of music performance, an amazing art that aims to directly transfer emotion through the acoustic (human powered) production of sound! Experiences in band include extensive music skill development, opportunity for creative expression, public performance, travel, and development of lifelong friendships. This is all coupled with the dynamics of participation in a student lead organization that thrives on teamwork, goal-based achievement, and pride. Any musical ensemble is challenging, exciting, emotional, physical, rewarding, a culture, and exists because of your commitment. Whether your motivation for being involved is musical, social, leadership oriented, or simply for fun, YOU are the most integral part in ensuring our band’s success. Your hard work, dedication, spirit, enthusiasm, service, clear communication, and constant commitment to the program is crucial to the quality of YOUR experience. The direction of the program does not reside solely in the hands of the director, instructors, or our student leadership; all members share this responsibility equally.

The program is open to ALL interested students who demonstrate the desire, ability, and proper attitude to be a member of the group.  Instrumental Band or Choirs Ensembles are full year courses, students must enroll for the entire school year beginning in the Fall Semester. Throughout the year we will be developing techniques, skills, and worldly knowledge on cultures outside the western world. What a wonderful way to explore the world by making music together! Thank you for your interest in the music program and buckle up for a wonderful year of exploration!


Ms. Katiana Rachev