Classroom Information

Mr. Schneider’s 6th Grade Math Class Syllabus

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Course Overview
In this course we will explore a variety of mathematical concepts and solve problems using a variety of strategies and methods. During our exploration of these concepts, we will do a variety of activities including note taking, inquiry labs, foldables, vocabulary studies, and mental math.

In order to get the most out of our class time, I have a specific Discipline Plan that will be in effect at all times.  Every student will have the chance to succeed and should feel comfortable sharing and working cooperatively.

Major Areas of Study
Quarter #1- Ratios/Proportional Reasoning/Percents/Integers

Quarter #2- Integers/Rational Numbers/Expressions

Quarter #3- Equations/Inequalities/Probability

Quarter #4- Statistics/Geometric Figures/Measuring Figures/ AzMerit Review

Math Course 1/ McGraw Hill

Every student will be provided with a workbook that will be kept in class.  Students will tear pages out of their workbooks according to the chapter/unit that is being studied.  Torn pages are the sole responsibility of the student and should be kept in a 3-Ring Math Binder. Pages should be brought to class every day, unless stated otherwise.  

Materials and Supplies
In order to be successful, students will need to have the following supplies daily:

  • Pencils
  • Dividers (math notebook)
  • Erasers
  • Simple Calculator
  • 3 Ring Binder
  • Folders (2)
  • Notebook (2)
  • Dry Erase Marker

Classroom Expectations & Rules
It is important that all students follow the Panther P.A.C.T. always.  In order to help students do so, I have the following procedures in place in my classroom:

Be PROMPT– Be here and be on time.

Be PREPARED– Bring ALL materials daily and be ready to learn (this includes following dress code).

Be PRODUCTIVE– Maximize your learning by staying on task, following directions, and engaging in class activities.

Be POLITE– Be kind or neutral to everyone.  Respect yourself, classmates, and teacher.

Be PASSIONATE– Care about your learning and always give you best effort.


If students are not able to follow the rules and expectations of my class, they will be disciplined according to the steps and procedures in the student handbook.  Additionally, in my class, every student will have the opportunity to correct their behavior before more serious steps are taken. My consequences are below:

Verbal Warning

Time to Think sheet

Student/ Teacher Meeting – goals will be set

Parent meeting- goals will be set

Office Referral

I have the discretion of assigning an after school behavior intervention (detention) or writing a referral at any time without following the steps listed above.  Also, any item that disrupts the learning process (including cell phones, toys, etc.) will be confiscated and be returned to parents via pick-up in the front office.

All students will be required to enter the classroom get out their materials and place their backpack in the designated place within the classroom.

Positive Reinforcement
I will try to avoid the above negative consequences by adhering to our PBIS plan known as the Panther P.A.C.T.  Positive behavior will be recognized through praise, special opportunities, and Panther Bucks. Panther Bucks can be redeemed for prizes and privileges in the classroom and in the Panther Den.

Classroom Grading and Evaluation Policy
Students will receive an academic grade based on the following:

A = 100% – 90% Proficient in all standards (90-100%)

B =   89% – 80% Partially Proficient in all standards or proficient in all standards (89-80%)

C =   79% – 70% Partially Proficient in all standards (79-70%)

D =   69% – 60% Minimally Proficient or partially proficient in all standards (69-60%)

F=     59% – 50% Minimally Proficient in all standards (59-50%)


Students will receive an effort grade based on the following criteria:

E= Excellent (80-100%)

S= Satisfactory (70-79%)

N= Needs Improvement (0-69%)


Tests: Students will be given a quiz periodically during each chapter. There will also be a test at the end of every chapter.  Students will have an in class review the day before the test, which will include sample test questions. Tests should be completed independently.  Using notes is prohibited, unless specified. Talking or cheating during a test is NOT allowed.  If a student is found doing such things, he/she will receive a 0% on the test and and they may lose their right to retake the test.  Tests are a large portion of a student’s grade. Students will be given the opportunity to retake any test as long as they follow the request to retest procedures.

Quizzes:  A quiz will be given at the halfway point of every chapter and are designed to help prepare students for the chapter test. Quizzes may be scheduled or they may be a surprise.

Homework:  Students will complete unfinished classwork for homework. Classwork is designed to reinforce key math concepts.  Classwork will be graded daily according to the following 4-point scale.

4/4 = all problems are answered
3/4 = most problems were answered
2/4 = half of the problems were answered1/4 = Missing or less than half of the problems were answered
  • Points will subtracted for not showing work or not following assignment directions.

In addition students may get homework on an as needed basis. I may assign some things for extra practice if I see that it is beneficial to mastering the standard we are working on or simply if students need more practice.

Classwork: Participation in class activities and class assignments are important to informally assess student learning and understanding.  All students are expected to participate in class. Participating in discussions, note-taking, following class expectations, and completing in-class assignments will result in high classwork grades.  Remember, it is the student’s responsibility to make up any in-class assignment that is missed due to absence.

Binder: Math binders are important tools that are used daily in my class.  Students will receive points each quarter for having a binder and for having it assembled neatly, completely, and correctly.

Late/Make-Up Work
When absent, it is the student’s responsibility to find out what was missed and turn in the work once completed.  There is a daily agenda posted in class, students can use the agenda to discover what was missed on any given day. Work will receive full credit when turned in within a reasonable period of time (two days of make-up time for each day you are absent).  

Extra Credit Policy & Procedures
Extra credit assignments are given periodically, and are for all students.  Students have a CHOICE whether they would like to participate or not.  Extra credit will be offered at the teacher’s discretion.  Students should not rely on extra credit as a means for getting a high grade in class.

After School Office Hours
Math help will be available after school on certain days from 2:40 – 3:40. If a student needs help with homework or remediation they are welcome to stay.  Transportation will need to be arranged by parents, however. Exact days will be determined within the first months of school.

I look forward to embarking on our journey through this school year.  In order for us maximize our learning, I need your support. I will be keeping you informed of your child’s progress by phone and e-mail.  Please contact me with any concerns, or information about your child that would be helpful for me to know. Also, email communication is the best form of communication for me.  I am able to check emails periodically throughout the day whereas voicemails, I am only able to check at the end of school. Please make sure I have a valid email on file for communication purposes.