Classwork and homework: Classwork and homework will still be weighed on the same scale. 

4/4 = all problems are answered
3/4 = most problems were answered
2/4 = half of the problems were answered

0/4 = Missing or less than half of the problems were answered

  • Points may be subtracted for not showing work or not following assignment directions.

Late Work-
There will be a strict no late work policy in place. All classwork is due the next day. Students are expected to turn in their work during their class time. If there is a question about the homework, students will have time to ask in class before we start our daily lesson.

Make-Up Work
When absent, it is the student’s responsibility to find out what was missed and to turn it in within 2 days. I will do my best to assist in this matter, but ultimately, it is their responsibility. Work will receive full credit when turned in within a reasonable period of time (two days of make-up time for each day you are absent). Many class lectures and assignments can be found on (the link is in the google classroom).  Students are responsible for making arrangements to get work when planned absences occur. Besides when absent, NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Extra Credit Policy & Procedures
Extra credit assignments are given periodically, and are for all students.  Students have a CHOICE whether they would like to participate or not.  Extra credit will be offered at the teacher’s discretion.  Students should not rely on extra credit as a means for getting a high grade in the class.

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Mon, Jul 20
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