Hello parents!

I hope that during these trying times, all is well and you and your children are safe and healthy.

Fifth grade is a critical year in your child’s education.  Your child will benefit from any help you can give them at home.  A positive attitude and good study habits are necessary to be a successful learner.  Please support your child by reinforcing what is taught in the classroom. Here is a list of areas we will be focusing on this year.

ReadingStudents are now using reading to learn other subjects so we will be focusing on how to comprehend many different kinds of literature. You can help by asking student questions about what their reading and what it means.

Writing – Students will be writing many different types of writing from informational to writing within the subjects. We will focus on making our writing very clear and understandable.


Our classroom rules:

Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible


Reading every night and any class assignments that were not completed in class.  


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