8th Grade Syllabus

Unit 1: The Number System
Ch. 1: Real Numbers
Unit 2: Expressions and Equations
Ch. 2: Equations with One Variable
Ch.3: Equations with Two Variables
Unit 3: Functions
Ch. 4: Functions
Unit 4: Geometry
Ch. 5: Triangles and Pythagorean Theorem
Ch. 6: Transformations
Ch. 7: Congruence and Similarity
Ch. 8: Volume and Surface Area
Unit 5: Statistics and Probability
Ch. 9: Scatter Plots and Data Analysis

Late Work: I will accept late work for full credit if assignment is turned in BEFORE the Chapter Test.
Correcting quizzes and assignments: Students will be able to resubmit assignments using a correction/reflection sheet to replace their original grade BEFORE the Chapter Test.
Participation: Students will receive full participation credit for the day if they bring their required materials to class and participate when randomly called upon.

Math Materials:
-1 Spiral Notebook
-1 Binder 1.5 inches
– 5 Dividers
– Pencils
– A Positive Attitude!

Academic Grades:
Quiz (50 points)
Test (100 points)
Classwork (20 points)

Effort Grades:
Homework (10 points)
Participation (10 points)