If you are interested in working from home on kinder skills here are a few sights that you can use. The following are all great ways to stay sharp and keep practicing skills they have JUST learned. Phonograms we are going to be covering are a-z ee, ea, ck, ar, ch, sh, wh, th, qu, oo, oa, ow, ay, ai, ir, er, ur.

  • Creating words with the phonograms taught and practice reading and writing those words as well as the rainbow sight words.
  • Continue having them create and write sentences and even stories.
  • Journal writing each day is a fun way to continue writing practice.
  • Reading each day
  • Addition and Subtraction practice (create real-world word problems and have them solve/ using dice, dominos, and playing cards are another fun way to practice)

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Resources to use at HOME

Spalding Videos (Letters and Sounds)

Math Subitizing Videos:



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