Welcome to our classroom website!

Welcome to third grade! My name is Ms. Chilton and I am your child’s third-grade teacher in room D140 at M.C. Cash Elementary this year. I am very excited to work with you and your child. I know we will have a great year and all students will make great improvements in reading, writing, and math!

I have high expectations for all students. It is imperative that your child attends school every day to ensure academic success. Our school attendance goal is 95%.

In class, all students promise to follow these agreements:

  1. Treat others how you want to be treated.
  2. Follow all directions.
  3. Keep your hands, feet, and all other objects to yourself. (Be peaceful!)
  4. Be an active listener.

These agreements will help all children meet our reading, writing, and math goals.

I appreciate the time you take to make sure your child excels in school. I also care greatly about your child and his or her academic success. If you ever have questions or concerns for me, please call me at school at 602-237-9120 ext 3273. I will be in contact with you throughout the year by telephone and email. Thank you for your support!


Below you will find 2 Parent Letters that will help give you some more information about the upcoming NWEA tests. Please make sure to check out both informational documents, the Test Preparation steps, and the videos to help get your child ready for success on testing day!

NWEA school letter to parents

NWEA Information Guide


Here is the daily schedule for 3rd grade’s online instruction along with the google classroom codes.

Subject Time Live Lesson Google Classroom Code

Reading and Writing

8:00-9:30 8:00-8:45 us4f3kt

Meets Link: https://meet.google.com/lookup/hadeeyxjrg

Specials 9:30-10:10
Math 10:10-11:40 10:10-10:55 3wqek3u

Meets Link: https://meet.google.com/lookup/hzzzklhk75

Lunch 11:40-12:20
Science 12:20-1:50 12:20-1:00 gzegfjj

Meets Link: https://meet.google.com/lookup/fe3wudy45h

Student Support 2:00-3:00