First, we’re working on getting everyone to join our google classroom group!

Once in, you’ll want to use the “Classwork” tab as your homepage.  You’ll see assignments, activities, and videos for both Reading and Math.  We’ll add the other subjects at a later date.

I will continue to add more content each day, which will be available by 8am each morning.  As I become more accustomed to this, more videos of actual lessons will be posted.  Right now, I’m just trying to get everyone in!

What we’re doing is not going to take all day.  If you’d like to know what order we’re used to, it goes like this:

OPR – Spalding video

WPR (not posted yet)

Spalding Reader (3 pages per day)

Big book story

Other reading activities

Writing (no posted yet)

Science/SS (not posted yet)

Math – view the videos first, for information, then the pages/classwork to show understanding


As always, please email me if you have any questions or issues, I’m here to help.  Hopefully, we’ll be live-streaming soon, but I don’t have a date on that.  Thank you for all of your efforts logging in, I know it wasn’t easy for many of you!


-Mr. Price