This past week we successfully made it through testing online. I hope your child had a positive experience and practiced tolerance during distance testing. Resource services were suspended Monday through Wednesday, but resumed on Thursday and Friday. Next week grades K-3rd will take a reading fluency test at the end of the week. I will communicate with you and their teachers if we expect to experience an interruption in resource services.Otherwise please help your child log in at their appointed time.


      Quarter 1 progress reports will be emailed to all parents. Please take this time to review or complete missing assignments your child may have missed. Open the Google classroom for each subject and look for any assignments under the “Classwork” tab that have not turned grey. For instance, many students are missing Mandarin assignments. This can be easily fixed by logging into the Mandarin class, watching the videos for each day, and clicking “Mark As Done”. If you have already watched the videos, then you are ahead and all you have to do is click “Mark As Done”. You may also have to click “Mark As Done” for “Live Lessons” your child has attended this will change the status from “missing” to “turned in”.


      Last, but not least, according to Arizona’s Department Education “Per state and federal guidance and implementing regulations, PEAs are required to provide equitable access to general education opportunities and continue to provide a free and appropriate education (FAPE) to students with disabilities to the maximum extent possible.  It is acknowledged, that despite best intentions, efforts and creative solutions, there are some students who will not receive a FAPE over the course of the school closure. Therefore, PEAs will need to make individual determinations, for each student, as to whether compensatory educational services will be owed due to the PEAs failure or inability to provide a FAPE.”


       In short, school closures due to COVID 19 may have created a need for your child to receive compensatory services, which are services above and beyond the services outlined in their IEP. All parents of students with IEP’s and 504 plans will need to complete a parent input form. I have attached the form to this email. Please review it and jot down any points you would like to include during our parent/teacher interview. I have included the link for SignUpGenius. Please find a 15 minute slot that works with your schedule. Parent Interviews begin Monday 8/31/2020 and end Thursday  9/3/2020. Please sign up no later than Tuesday at 7:30am.


Please use the link below to sign up for the parent interview. The interview will only take 15 minutes of your time.